The maintenance management service is implemented through an in­ novative computerized system, custom built and tailored to the compa­ ny's needs. This CMMS {Computerized Maintenance Management System) handles all operations regarding preventive and corrective maintenance of the company's facilities. The goal of the maintenance team is to employ a system that optimizes the use of scarce resources (manpower, equipment, material and funds) to maintain the facilities and equipment that are the responsibility of the maintenance organization. The system should adopt integrated pro­ cesses giving the team control over each and every component of the facility, from acquisition to disposal. The following list identifies the sys­ tem's operations and functions:
  • Address all resources involved
  • Record maintenance inventory
  • Record and maintain work history
  • Include work tasks and frequencies
  • Accommodate all methods of work accomplishment
  • Ensure communication with each customer
  • Provide feedback information for analysis
  • Reduce costs through effective maintenance planning
A CMMS can be used to manage simple or complex facilities, from a single building to a complete campus. A CMMS also can be used tο manage the maintenance program for a group of equipment such as a fleet of vehicles. The system is very versatile since all functions are modular, independent and share a common database. It can also be customized to fit any particular application. The CMMS must meet the needs, constraints, and opportunities of your company and be implanted in a way that the end users will welcome the technology and have a vision of the benefits it comes with. Interoperability with other iOMS platforms optimizes overall performance of the company’s departments. One other equally important aspect for a company is the monitoring of its systems that exist. It is of high priority to recognize and prevent the problems that arise or may appear. By using niche knowledge customized in your needs can lead to very positive results in the general administration of the company, because it will reduce the perception time of the problem which means less emerging problems and more satisfied clients.