International Specialization.

Specializing in international legal issues relating to Greece Our employees’ professional, social and cultural backgrounds give them the perfect basis from which to specialize in international legal issues relating to Greece, Europe and beyond. It was their initial decision, though, to practice as lawyers in Greece on behalf of medium-sized and large companies with business interests in Greece and other countries which lead to specialist lawyers and experts merging to form an international cooperation network Greek lawyers: specialization in cross-border business law Volonakis Law Firm is an internationally active firm of solicitors specializing in commercial law. We have specialized in this field to be able to provide your company with comprehensive, expert advice. We have tailored our services in the following fields to medium-sized and large German, British and American companies:

  • Company law
  • Formation and reorganization of companies
  • Mergers &amp acquisitions
  • Protection of industrial property rights
  • Commercial law
  • Law relating to commercial agents
  • Real estate and land law
  • Greece Photovoltaic &amp new energies
  • Collection of accounts receivable
  • International tax law
  • Civil trials/Litigation
  • Contract drafting in German, English and Greek