One of the most important parts in a company is the proper monitoring and updating of the available materials and assets that there are in the company’s property. Based on this aspect we offer an integrated inventory monitoring and recording system, giving the possibility to the company to know in a real time the state of the availability in machineries and materials. For this purpose, we use computerized systems which inform the administration in real time about the current situation. More specific:

  • All purchases requests are made electronically, on a single platform.
  • Authorized staff approves the requests and issues the relative purchase orders.
  • Invoices are associated with the purchase orders and categorized in predefined cost centers.
  • Analysis and statistical tools allow the management team to examine costly operations and facilities.
  • Automatic update of the inventories.
  • Optionally, these services are associated with the Operation and Maintenance system for a complete track of the O&M cost.

With this system, the company can control its purchases, avoid excessive and unnecessary expenses and achieve cost reduction.