Every customer has to be a satisfied customer. Realizing that this is the key not only to our success but for yours too, we have designed an innovative set of products and services that help you, our partners to achieve this very goal. Our system allows you and your employees to focus on your customers’ satisfaction, undistracted and undisturbed. By adopting our operation and maintenance philosophy and products, you can be assured that your equipment and your facilities are optimized for maximum performance, efficiency, reliability and availability. The technical installations and equipment of a company must be operated properly and have to be available in order to service their customers with high standard conditions. This fact, in conjunction with the negative image and the damages that will arise from a potential equipment failure, lead to the necessity of organizing the maintenance services of the company with advanced and credible methods. The proper preparation, the appropriate organizational structure and the daily control of the maintenance functions can lead to high rates of effectiveness, optimal availability of the facilities and positive financial results. iOMS, provides services that are required for the optimum operation of the department throughout its full life cycle. By implementing, preventive and predictive maintenance operations with minimum impact on the company operation and in conjunction with the regular maintenance, our program offers tangible and direct positive results in the operation of the company. Contact us, to inform you how we can cooperate in order to provide you the best services takings always into consideration your own needs.