VG Hotel & Resort Management provides strategic, effective yield management by understanding, anticipating and influencing the behavior of your guests, helping you to stay competitive in a crowded and ever changing marketplace. Our inventory-focused yield management processes allow our clients to maximize yield and profits from their hotel or resort’s reservation flow through the strategic control of inventory. This way, we can ensure the right product is sold to the right customer at the right time, at the right price.

We apply three proven methods to maximise yield:

  • Actively balance the supply of perishable room nights against demand by manipulating both price and time of consumption.
  • Effectively manage many distribution channels with varying different underlying cost structures, market penetration and market segmentation.
  • Continually adjust price in response to supply and demand, selecting the portfolio of distribution channels and market segmentation that needs to be used to achieve the greatest success.

The three primary methods that we apply to our yield management practices are:

  • Varying room rates with market demand;
  • Varying participation in internet channels with market demand;
  • Maintaining contracted wholesale rates with our third party worldwide distribution partners, with rates and inventory based upon historical trends of seasonal demand.

Our balanced and proactive approach to seasonal and constantly changing markets gives your hotel or resort the greatest opportunity for success, through strong occupancies and consistently competitive rates that allow you to achieve solid rankings within your local competitive market.